Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Again !!!

It came returning to me
The path that
I had already traversed

Why I need to
Go through all the problems
Again, when I had
Already faced them

Why troubles returned
When I had already
Been through, with full might
With full strength

Why, why again !!

May be I faced the problems
But dint solve them
May be I passed through troubles
But never got over them

May be I was strong enough
But was never
Wise enough to learn
Not mature enough
To Understand
Awake enough
To know

That problems
Given by life
Are to teach me
How to survive

How to be better soul
And not to stick
With part given
Refusing to become whole

But now I have realized
What was ignored always
Just acceptance is not enough
What needed is
Not just to pass through
But mend those broken ways

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Early Morning

Sky with rosy hue
Could feel it first time
Flowers responded smiling
Looking pretty, decorated
With drops of dew

A little wet
Cozy cold
Such is the weather
Every sight is fresh
Surrounds you nothing old

Old ones come smiling
Admiring nature
Observing the stillness in life
Young ones are running fast
Trying to match the pace
Trying to go ahead of
Whatever ahead is lying

Birds in the sky
Have already flown away
For the regular chores
They might be going
To touch infinite’s other shore

Its so regular
That we do not comprehend
Every step we put
Is an experience
Should not miss even a chance
Lock in your memories
All pretty moments spend

Friday, November 6, 2009

I amaze Myself !!

I wont be able
To even touch it
Away its lying
Sitting on a far summit

Whats the point
In stretching hand
In troubling self
To approach unconquerable

I kept waiting
For the Goal to come near
May be that was
Me impatient
That waiting no more
I could bear

Finallly took a step
Stretched self to maximum
Knew though perfectly
What allowed is no back turns

To what I reached
Was Beyond
Beyond all barriers,
Beyond all counts
Beyond all limits
Me, myself I found

This feeling is
Most wonderfull
This feeling of
Amzing onself
That when you go ahead
Of borders, for you yourself
Have set

Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting For What

Never let the smile
Rose on my face
Always kept
the shine away

When Will be able
to laugh my life out
Kept waiting for
Those fullfilling days

Every Day break
started with conditions
I will be working
To make life heaven

What is heaven
how it looks
But its not what
I have right now
For this i am sure
No doubts me holds

To reach the unknown
Taking steps forward
Keeping eyes nowhere
aimelesly striding ahead

In wait for
most beautiful sight
I forget to appreciate
In my way whats lying

May be the dreams
Are the reason to live
but can't we just
live what to us life gives

May be the goal
is to touch the heaven
but Is it not lying
Around us
Every corner Every where

These are the questions
I asked from me
and anwered conscious
life is beautiful
Closely if viewed
has been already build
What since years
Iam trying to construct

Thursday, August 20, 2009

That Something

Was that something
I had longed for ages
Was that something
Without which
Could not imagine living

When saw that something
Going away from hands
Tears rolled down
Mind went blanked

Was my destiny
That was my fortune
Then how can it go away
Leaving me senile
Leaving me alone

Could not cry
Could not scream
Where dreams too weren’t mine
Was put in such sleep

Had not the courage
To look towards empty hands
To see what was lying now
In place of my destiny
As a replacement

Hope could ignore it forever
Keeping my eyes shut
Could keep my eyes fixed
On what was already left

If possible could have done that
Could have stopped in way between
But what was walking is life
Can’t leave the hand
With it only will have to stride

So will walk
And won’t turn back
Will keep searching for though
To fulfill self
With what me lacks

Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the Rajmachi

In the lap of nature
Nearer to God
Had I been
to beauty unexplored

To the top of world
With the clouds
With me walked
Nature Uncloaked

Sky was never
so clear
Air was never
so fresh
Breathing was never
so easy
Eyes never felt
so relaxed

That gigling with buddies
That laughing on every fall
That getting up again
as had to see what beauty
more for us path holds

Every sight
Every step
was an experience
To be kept
Preserved in minds
near to soul
So If ever feel exhausted
This I could recall

Thursday, July 16, 2009

To me From me ( on my B'Day ;-))

One more chapter of life
Going to unfold
Will be hearing verses
Unknown, Till now
which were unknown

Knocking doors
Are new dreams
To open wings
To touch extremes

New hopes
building bridges
From impossible to possible
towards the other end
that reaches

Tonn mistakes I did
Spoiled many tasks
Became reasons for many tears
Broke many hearts

But could wipe most of them
Managed to give smiles
To many faces
Coz or not Coz of me
who cried

Forgetting All sadness
remebering all joys
Taking steps forward
Towards those new ways

Where I could promise
myself to always smile
Will be able to light up lives
Self will have such aroma
Will have such shine

Wil face all obstacles
Wont forget my might
Wil try to see through problems
Bring oppurtunities
In sight

Such wishes
Such promises
may or may not get fullfilled
But these are to remember
had thought once such
About what I really want
What i really feel

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Realization

In my own Awe
In my own Pride
In my own Ego
I proceed to
Teach you a lesson
To show you your place
To show where you truly lie

I came
I saw your eyes
The brightness amazed me
Full of pearls, of sparks
No one could escape from grace
Could not get away
From kindness embrace

Soul refused
But mind spoke
Brought out all hatred
Inside me that I hold

But could not
remove the shine
From grace, from spark
Eyes never got deprived

A humble apology
Last is wat I recollect
From the other side
May be tat was the only way
Of proving me wrong
And yourself right

In no more moment
I could see
My pride melting
I could feel
The thoughts bending

Hatred turned to guilt
Anger turned to realization
Cant Decide Who finally won
I , who made you apologize
Or you , What I am
Who made me realize

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Deep Thoughts

In deep Thoughts
In dark lane
so much i pondered
But all in vain

Further I try to move
Darker the way becomes
Seems If goes any darker
Wont be able to find myself
Away from me own
to nowhere i will lead

A step further, something hits my face
cant see the broken way
I trip on every second
have left my hands up
as eyes have stopped working

Mind seemed to be blocked
Cant think of any way out
It sounds like dead silence
Own breath is only sound

Will listen to Soul
As nothing else is speaking to me
For my breath is running
I believe I am alive, can get steady

Slow steps, carefull moves
Is what needed , now to leave
Now to get free , from the cage
OF my own thoughts of my wrong beliefs

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Could not control them this time

How did they went away
Today from you
You had promised
Will never let them escape
Then how could they
Get rid of your grip
How could they move out
A hold of them Why couldn’t you keep

And shut the doors
Draw the curtains down
So they die in there
And not see the face of dawn

Did their strength
Become so huge
That power within weaken
OR you were weak already
It was just an attempt to be else someone

What ever it was
But now has failed
All walls have broken
Around you , which you have made

The water has come out
From the bars of eyelids
Till now what was safe in heart
Now is in front of world
Totally exposed , Fully revealed

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That Night

Did not want To wake up
In such a place I was
Where nothing was stopping
Me to follow My heart
To do what I really want

I could see myself
Dancing , hip hopping
With all my might
just didn't want to get up
As it will go away from sight

Clapping people around me
Praising me for being my best
That was the loveliest sound
Thought How did I survive
Till now in that HELL

Yes, that was no less than heaven
As joys were all around me
That suddenly mind screamed
No, Its not reality

Did not want to open my eyes
To see the real world
Where I would be dancing
just for its sake
where claps still I will get
but all will sound fake

The one night passed
But made me realised
that these dreams are only ones
who are truly mine

Hey don't think
I wont take care of you
I will become deaf
to my own soul's sound
I will surely bring you alive
Just a little patience
For the commitments
to which I am already bound

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whats there in Trying

Want to see
This world
With the eyes of life
Want to be with everything
With All joys and smile

Had been sad
Felt Disgusted
Had got Angry
Got frustrated
But Everytime
This only I realised
Not anyone else I hurt
ITs just me who suffers

That moment of Anger
How much small might be
Turns the world upside down
What needs Labor
To get back to Originality

That period of grief
Doesnt come to end
That later I realise
On the way of brooding
I missed All Joy's bends

It seems difficult
But impossible is nothing
It takes nothing to try
To keep in shape everything

If one can find spark
In Ashes
IF one can harvest
In Barren
Then what big am I trying to do
If trying to just accept
Things the way they have happened