Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012

waiting up for new year
new year with all new things
some new mornings
some new nights
some new encounters
some new sights

old year had been
quite eventfull
changed the flow of life
how changes happened so fast
it seems all just happened yesterday night

Wonderfull year
with all good things happened
I bow my head to 2011
being my best year of my life

2012 will also be great
I am sure of that
As Now I have the company
with whom it does not matter
whether its good of bad :-)

I am looking forward
to welcome the year
with him by my side
enthusiasm to do great things
now have become twice

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shout out aloud !!!

i had to tell the things , things that i cant tell
i kept repeating them in my minds
but loudly i cant yell

opening mouth will mean a lot
will mean to shatter world
i cannot let thoughts go
as they are like sharp swords

better i let my anger settle
let my feeling sit down
that i know what i am thinking is worthless
then just why listen to them now

thinking this i curbed words
i buried my feelings
but forgot they were still alive
no matter for how much time
i keep them in coffin

one day they will burst out
will fall like volcano
they will burn my world still
whether today or tomorrow

so why not just let them out
and reduce suffering a little
what has to be shattered
will shatter , will have to repair
whether today or tomorrow

Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Dear Dad

You always do like this
never take me anywhere 
with love he held my hand 
took me i wanted to go where 

You always do like this 
have never given me what i want 
he smiles like always
and just buy me what was refused

Always he caressed me 
but i complained about the rudeness
He always corrected me
And i kept saying you dont know me 

He lit my path whenever it was dark
he filled my life 
with whatever it ever lacked 

Listened to all what i said 
took it as a joke 
he who loved me unconditionally
Is my Dear Dad

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Woman In your Life

When you are sad
When you are happy
you know where you want to be
your wife , your mom , your sis
that's the woman in your life

Shoulder always there for you
you are strong in front of everyone
in front of whom
you are you
that's the woman in your life

You may call her weak
whose shelter you seek
in your weakest time
that's the woman in your life

Her smile shines your life
her words matters a world
she gives you goals
to grow , to win, to survive
that's the woman in your life

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Treat me the way you treat you

May be you cant listen me
But I have a voice too
May be you cant feel it
But I get hurt too

I have basic needs
To keep me alive
Though unlike you
They may not be cloth , air and rice

I breathe, move and live
I have my joys
Have my griefs
When in pain I do wail
poor soul of your
though cant understand

not asking for any help
not asking for any favor
Just treat me too the way
you human treat each other