Friday, December 5, 2014

Step out !!

TIme to explore a new world
time to step a little out
time to break the walls
time to stand a little more tall

What happened till now was joyous
journey was pleasant
life remained all kind and loving
loving were all things ,big or small

But Now some adventure
to move things a little
Why not some new venture
lets hit the walls
and make them brittle

will test my strength
will become even more strong
Now the deeds will happen
it will be fun
whether right or wrong

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Don't Judge Me

When I cry I may not be sad
I may not be grieved
May be I am just confused
I dont know whether to laugh or sit quite
To stay back , Tears refused

When I scream , I may not be angry
I may not be mad
May be I am just hopeless
Helpless nothing I can do
It didn't turn out the way I assessed

When I laugh , I may not be happy
May be the stupidity crossed all limits
May be laughing is all I can do
This is all I am allowed to .

Dont JUDGE me
With what you see
To understand all
You will have to be me