Thursday, June 10, 2010

You Be The Change

When I want you to be polite
Will have to stop screaming first
When I want you to be loving
Will Have to stop loathing first

Will have to stretch my arm
If want you to hold me
Will have to smile first
If want you to be Glee

Change I want in you
Need to be in me first
Or Do I deserve to ask for it
What I am not able to deliver ?

Monday, May 3, 2010

My Lord Crossed Barriers

Want to go to temple
need to talk to God
Has so much to discuss
to complain to applaud

with this thought
I came a little far
that saw in front of me
shutting down those doors

They were blocking the way
the way between me and my God
Ohh this is bad Omen
What happened
Don't you want to talk with me lord

Some one suddenly yanked
the corner of my dress
pulled it little hard
hello !! ma'am
you don't have these flowers

For real prayer
these are the ones
which are required
I stared at him
looked him with anger
Cant you see
I am not able to reach God
Cant you see the barrier

But what i saw
was innocent smile
It melted me down
I asked for the cost
and Bought what ever flowers
I could afford

The kid jumped
and laughed a lot
did I find my God then
Or how else do you feel
such an eternal bliss

then i could realize
My lord actually crossed
barriers , just to
Meet Me :-)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That 5 Letter Word

It wasn't my fault
It wasn't my mistake
This is how it had to be done
Depends on your own take

If you don't want
Do not talk Do not respond
My ego is with me anyways
My dearest friend ,
My strongest bond

Ohh !!! its quite long
I miss you now a little
Never has thought
Our relation was so brittle

Eyes have cried
But wont show you tears
You should see only the false pride
For you which i always wear

I am not affected
My ego is replying
But why then So many knots
In my head are lying

Finally said that 5 letter word
Mind became suddenly unchoked
Now how you react does not matter
I did what was my job

But smile came back on your face
I too got my own grace
Was this so easy
Dunno why I let myself suffer
For So many days

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dance is Magic

When you reach above sky
When you fly without wings
when you feel joy all around

When you break every barrier
When you step beyond limits
When everything seems beautiful

When those beats
Seem rhythm of life
When your soul lives up
As had never been more alive

When you find
Till now what has been missed
Then you know

Don't stop magic from happening
let it enter your life
spread your arms to feel charisma
Swing your body to feel divine

Friday, March 19, 2010

You are you

How could I question
What you believe
What you believe
Has made you

May be what you think is false
May be what you think is true
But it is what you are
A beautiful soul
And a nice mind too

IF I tell you to change
To change the way you think
Am I not asking you to bend?
To be a different being

I may not agree
But I respect
I consider
What you said

We may not think alike
We may not react same
But I feel same way
As you any joy
As you any pain

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Books -- My Buddies

Books are my friends
They are my buddies
They are with me
with me when is no body

Some times Preachers
Some times fun
they show me the ways
when i think there are none

With them do not know
how time flies
When we are together
nothing remains dull
Everything shines , every thing smiles

Visit the whole world
Without spending a penny
Experience every emotion
without facing consequences of any

Isn't it great to
have such bounds
Truly they are with you
with no expectations ,
with no demands