Wednesday, April 28, 2010

That 5 Letter Word

It wasn't my fault
It wasn't my mistake
This is how it had to be done
Depends on your own take

If you don't want
Do not talk Do not respond
My ego is with me anyways
My dearest friend ,
My strongest bond

Ohh !!! its quite long
I miss you now a little
Never has thought
Our relation was so brittle

Eyes have cried
But wont show you tears
You should see only the false pride
For you which i always wear

I am not affected
My ego is replying
But why then So many knots
In my head are lying

Finally said that 5 letter word
Mind became suddenly unchoked
Now how you react does not matter
I did what was my job

But smile came back on your face
I too got my own grace
Was this so easy
Dunno why I let myself suffer
For So many days

1 comment:

Darril said...

Nice poem.. And ur lines were true.. The five letter word is really important and its really difficult to use it keeping our ego aside.. But one who does win all the relations..