Monday, December 15, 2008

Always for us --- Life

Always for us --- Life

How simply you said
this is not for you
How easily you directed me
TO what I deserve according to you

You made fun of my dreams
Never took care of my goals
You just kept controlling
The direction of my moves

But how much did I respect you
I thought I gave you my most
May be that was not enough
According to my ways, for the world to work
Finally I bent my head
Shaping myself according to your created situations
that suddenly i felt ur hand on my head
and realized I too am your creation

And how slowly you started listening to me
Or no longer I wanted anything above your will
What you gave seems beautiful
like first dew on white Daffodil
So pure and so true
Such I found your virtue
Life you were always there for me
Now I understood At wrong times
I was the one who always left you

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Whom I care

This is the first poem that I wrote after coming to Pune

New to this world
My heart still resides in old one
But as I am here
Need to get used to new Sun

They rays are strangers
And can't recognize Warmth
But waves seem to be known
As My loved ones
Lie in their Path

Can listen to the message
Feel the moisture of tears
Which the hearts have said
And which their eye wears

When I am not there
They still remember me
I am in their memories
They just want my well being

Fragrance of hopes is also there
Giving me strength and reason
To be away from home
I am here to achieve for them
What if had to stay alone
Have brought my will with me
though left my soul there
To make me stay away
From and For whom I care

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How many times

How many times
This happens to us
We get to think
What all about really
is this fuss

When sometimes
Somethings we want
Seem to be so much away
That its an effort of whole lifetime
And not the task of a day

We put our fullest to it
And bring the best foot forward
But when we get hold of that
We realize No, its not what we want
May be what we needed or deserved
Had been left behind
Or may be lying ahead
but not definitely What we own, Wat we have

May be deserve something
Else, may be something better
But the better is never achieved
And war just goes on
Where we always loose from ourselves
And let better be winner

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life Surrounds me

I wrote this poetry just when was sitting silent and had no on to talk with , so i talked with some other beings .........

Were My eyes shut
OR My mind choked
That suddenly I could see it
From the deep sleep I woke

When I looked around
I tried to talk
So surprised I was
As everything did respond

Could I feel the air breathing
Or it just went a little fast
Could I hear the trees talking
Or just leaves together clattered

I could not find a difference
Between whats in me
and What moves out
Everything is no different
The thought is becoming clearer
The voice is getting loud

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Dear Destiny

Dear Destiny,
What's there that I owe you
You keep playing with me
Making my fun
Creating filthy circumstances
Ruining whatever I have done

I know you laugh at me
As you know the real truth
I am nothing in front of you
just need to keep doing what I should

I creep, walk, run
And slowly reach to my aim
You give me a big punch
And put me again in middle of the game

Why can't you be with me
Why can't you be my buddy
If you are with me, for sure
One who wins over is actually NOBODY!!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

May this Happen Really

I speak to you
As what I say that you do

I dance around like a crack
High on spirits and lights
The smile so shallow adores my face
when you fill with my praise

Am I happy really

A child weeping bitterly
Who I caress
With the stories of hope, love and sweet lies

When I see people anguished severely
My heart reaches out to make them smile
Someone else's Happiness
Will rather be my joy
I hiphop with the world and its sound

May my love be unbound
Then smile will rise on my face
My eyes will smile with an eternal grace

I wish this to HAPPEN REALLY !!!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

When I saw tears in those eyes

When I saw tears in those eyes
The world seemed to be crying
The most precious pearls
from sea have been stolen
In your eyes
I saw them lying

When I saw tears in those eyes
The things seemed too low
As every joy is lost
From soul of world
As each corner needs your smile
Light of universe is that face's glow

When I saw tears in those eyes
Could I explain what I felt
Or could I catch hold of each and every droplet
And put them in mine
In your eyes before they could melt

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A fight with Sorrows

Listen Oh Sorrows
I am there for you

I am ready to face
whatever you do

I now can sue
I now can fight
b'coz I know
Whats Wrong whats Right
whats true whats false
whats good whats bad
I now have learnt
Not to brood over

what I had
Rather to love
What I own
and not to what weep over
what has already gone

Listen Oh Sorrows
I am there for you
My high wills . My courage
are there with me too

You could win over me
When I was alone
But with three of us
your defeat is so sure

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Dreams Came True

One dream was in my eyes
One dream was in my heart
but to reach for it
when i stretched out my hand

A crack sound I listened
And all around me my dream was lying shatterd

What else could i do
I tried to bring remains together
Did not sleep
was not eating
All the pieces i tried to gather

Days it took
Nights I spent
Was worried If have to repent
Atlast hopes came into shape
And aghast I stood
As much more beautiful now they look

Now I understood the meaning of shattering
As it made me feel my dreams
And with me so they could speak
Now nothing sounds impossible
As this is some thing I have already been through
"Now wat is see is reality
As i have made my dreams come true"

Friday, March 28, 2008


Mydreams Wake up with me
Walk with me
Talk with me

Be there always in my two eyes
So that no one can steal u from there
How much one tries

Join with my soul
come to my heart
So that u become my goal
To realise u only
I move forward

No social burdens
No bondages
We two will do only
that has been said by sages
"Follow ur dreams
And u will reach ur destiny
Wat ever ur mind screams
Listen to ur heart only "

My dreams don't go away with night
if u r with me
i knw I will do only
Wats right

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thats Me

Me Or Smriti Who loves to dream and live for them or I live with them