Friday, March 28, 2008


Mydreams Wake up with me
Walk with me
Talk with me

Be there always in my two eyes
So that no one can steal u from there
How much one tries

Join with my soul
come to my heart
So that u become my goal
To realise u only
I move forward

No social burdens
No bondages
We two will do only
that has been said by sages
"Follow ur dreams
And u will reach ur destiny
Wat ever ur mind screams
Listen to ur heart only "

My dreams don't go away with night
if u r with me
i knw I will do only
Wats right


adhishg said...

nice it very much..
you can really write well
good going

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RohS said...

Dreams! Destiny!
Follow dreams and get Destiny!
wow.. thats nice fundaaa :P
Nice poem.. keep on writing.. You are definitely getting readers :P

Navin Chettiar said...
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Jamuna said...

i never knew that u r such a good poet :)