Friday, April 11, 2008

My Dreams Came True

One dream was in my eyes
One dream was in my heart
but to reach for it
when i stretched out my hand

A crack sound I listened
And all around me my dream was lying shatterd

What else could i do
I tried to bring remains together
Did not sleep
was not eating
All the pieces i tried to gather

Days it took
Nights I spent
Was worried If have to repent
Atlast hopes came into shape
And aghast I stood
As much more beautiful now they look

Now I understood the meaning of shattering
As it made me feel my dreams
And with me so they could speak
Now nothing sounds impossible
As this is some thing I have already been through
"Now wat is see is reality
As i have made my dreams come true"


adhishg said...

hey cool work on your blog..
i really liked your poems..

Nitin said...

I have no words to explain my feeling. It is wonderful and genious efforts. All poems are amazing but I liked the most "..Dreams...."

Enjoy and always keep writing