Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shout out aloud !!!

i had to tell the things , things that i cant tell
i kept repeating them in my minds
but loudly i cant yell

opening mouth will mean a lot
will mean to shatter world
i cannot let thoughts go
as they are like sharp swords

better i let my anger settle
let my feeling sit down
that i know what i am thinking is worthless
then just why listen to them now

thinking this i curbed words
i buried my feelings
but forgot they were still alive
no matter for how much time
i keep them in coffin

one day they will burst out
will fall like volcano
they will burn my world still
whether today or tomorrow

so why not just let them out
and reduce suffering a little
what has to be shattered
will shatter , will have to repair
whether today or tomorrow