Sunday, April 13, 2008

A fight with Sorrows

Listen Oh Sorrows
I am there for you

I am ready to face
whatever you do

I now can sue
I now can fight
b'coz I know
Whats Wrong whats Right
whats true whats false
whats good whats bad
I now have learnt
Not to brood over

what I had
Rather to love
What I own
and not to what weep over
what has already gone

Listen Oh Sorrows
I am there for you
My high wills . My courage
are there with me too

You could win over me
When I was alone
But with three of us
your defeat is so sure

Friday, April 11, 2008

My Dreams Came True

One dream was in my eyes
One dream was in my heart
but to reach for it
when i stretched out my hand

A crack sound I listened
And all around me my dream was lying shatterd

What else could i do
I tried to bring remains together
Did not sleep
was not eating
All the pieces i tried to gather

Days it took
Nights I spent
Was worried If have to repent
Atlast hopes came into shape
And aghast I stood
As much more beautiful now they look

Now I understood the meaning of shattering
As it made me feel my dreams
And with me so they could speak
Now nothing sounds impossible
As this is some thing I have already been through
"Now wat is see is reality
As i have made my dreams come true"