Sunday, April 13, 2008

A fight with Sorrows

Listen Oh Sorrows
I am there for you

I am ready to face
whatever you do

I now can sue
I now can fight
b'coz I know
Whats Wrong whats Right
whats true whats false
whats good whats bad
I now have learnt
Not to brood over

what I had
Rather to love
What I own
and not to what weep over
what has already gone

Listen Oh Sorrows
I am there for you
My high wills . My courage
are there with me too

You could win over me
When I was alone
But with three of us
your defeat is so sure

1 comment:

Varun Arora said...

Ummm.. this was long pending. i tried hard to read all da poems or wateva u call them.. bt wasnt abl 2 go beyound da 2nd line.. u noe na hw mch i get bored reading stuff.. bt thn nice work... atleast bettr than going with the flow of Laxminagar ka N****