Thursday, December 10, 2009

Why Again !!!

It came returning to me
The path that
I had already traversed

Why I need to
Go through all the problems
Again, when I had
Already faced them

Why troubles returned
When I had already
Been through, with full might
With full strength

Why, why again !!

May be I faced the problems
But dint solve them
May be I passed through troubles
But never got over them

May be I was strong enough
But was never
Wise enough to learn
Not mature enough
To Understand
Awake enough
To know

That problems
Given by life
Are to teach me
How to survive

How to be better soul
And not to stick
With part given
Refusing to become whole

But now I have realized
What was ignored always
Just acceptance is not enough
What needed is
Not just to pass through
But mend those broken ways