Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life Surrounds me

I wrote this poetry just when was sitting silent and had no on to talk with , so i talked with some other beings .........

Were My eyes shut
OR My mind choked
That suddenly I could see it
From the deep sleep I woke

When I looked around
I tried to talk
So surprised I was
As everything did respond

Could I feel the air breathing
Or it just went a little fast
Could I hear the trees talking
Or just leaves together clattered

I could not find a difference
Between whats in me
and What moves out
Everything is no different
The thought is becoming clearer
The voice is getting loud


R@$> said...

Dear u know our forefathers had told this thing that everything what exist on this earth has life in it.
but we cant feel it, n if u can feel it then its really gr8,

hope to see more creation from u....

parul said...

hey sis....seems like at last u r gettin enlightened ;)

keep on the gud work....n post ur other poems also which u wrote as ur "diary entry"
they are worth it