Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How many times

How many times
This happens to us
We get to think
What all about really
is this fuss

When sometimes
Somethings we want
Seem to be so much away
That its an effort of whole lifetime
And not the task of a day

We put our fullest to it
And bring the best foot forward
But when we get hold of that
We realize No, its not what we want
May be what we needed or deserved
Had been left behind
Or may be lying ahead
but not definitely What we own, Wat we have

May be deserve something
Else, may be something better
But the better is never achieved
And war just goes on
Where we always loose from ourselves
And let better be winner


Nikhil said...

writer smriti garg u r gr8....keep writin

DINESH said...
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DINESH said...

its something i also feel or rather every one feels but the way u portrait it is amazing..
very nice..great..