Wednesday, October 8, 2008

For Whom I care

This is the first poem that I wrote after coming to Pune

New to this world
My heart still resides in old one
But as I am here
Need to get used to new Sun

They rays are strangers
And can't recognize Warmth
But waves seem to be known
As My loved ones
Lie in their Path

Can listen to the message
Feel the moisture of tears
Which the hearts have said
And which their eye wears

When I am not there
They still remember me
I am in their memories
They just want my well being

Fragrance of hopes is also there
Giving me strength and reason
To be away from home
I am here to achieve for them
What if had to stay alone
Have brought my will with me
though left my soul there
To make me stay away
From and For whom I care


R@$> said...

Nice way to introduce ur self,

Seems a poet is in fool mood to introduce herself in her own Andaaz....

Subir said...

Written straight from the heart.. really nice...

parul said...

love you tooo didi

adhishg said...

lovely poem..reminded me of my times away from home..was a quite liberating ...yet painful when you needed someone to care..beautiful poem

Diwakar Sinha said...

i have never felt homesick...but it is nice to see ppl feel so deeply abt their old world with the old sun. :)