Monday, December 15, 2008

Always for us --- Life

Always for us --- Life

How simply you said
this is not for you
How easily you directed me
TO what I deserve according to you

You made fun of my dreams
Never took care of my goals
You just kept controlling
The direction of my moves

But how much did I respect you
I thought I gave you my most
May be that was not enough
According to my ways, for the world to work
Finally I bent my head
Shaping myself according to your created situations
that suddenly i felt ur hand on my head
and realized I too am your creation

And how slowly you started listening to me
Or no longer I wanted anything above your will
What you gave seems beautiful
like first dew on white Daffodil
So pure and so true
Such I found your virtue
Life you were always there for me
Now I understood At wrong times
I was the one who always left you

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commited to life said...

and so true..

p.s was just passing by