Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Whats there in Trying

Want to see
This world
With the eyes of life
Want to be with everything
With All joys and smile

Had been sad
Felt Disgusted
Had got Angry
Got frustrated
But Everytime
This only I realised
Not anyone else I hurt
ITs just me who suffers

That moment of Anger
How much small might be
Turns the world upside down
What needs Labor
To get back to Originality

That period of grief
Doesnt come to end
That later I realise
On the way of brooding
I missed All Joy's bends

It seems difficult
But impossible is nothing
It takes nothing to try
To keep in shape everything

If one can find spark
In Ashes
IF one can harvest
In Barren
Then what big am I trying to do
If trying to just accept
Things the way they have happened


Varun Arora said...

read dat.. sahi hai.. its all abt da timepass dat v talk.. truly ur boring lyf..

shrutijakhete said...

very true.. and close to every phase of life... gr8 dear...