Tuesday, March 10, 2009

That Night

Did not want To wake up
In such a place I was
Where nothing was stopping
Me to follow My heart
To do what I really want

I could see myself
Dancing , hip hopping
With all my might
just didn't want to get up
As it will go away from sight

Clapping people around me
Praising me for being my best
That was the loveliest sound
Thought How did I survive
Till now in that HELL

Yes, that was no less than heaven
As joys were all around me
That suddenly mind screamed
No, Its not reality

Did not want to open my eyes
To see the real world
Where I would be dancing
just for its sake
where claps still I will get
but all will sound fake

The one night passed
But made me realised
that these dreams are only ones
who are truly mine

Hey don't think
I wont take care of you
I will become deaf
to my own soul's sound
I will surely bring you alive
Just a little patience
For the commitments
to which I am already bound

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