Wednesday, January 13, 2010

My Books -- My Buddies

Books are my friends
They are my buddies
They are with me
with me when is no body

Some times Preachers
Some times fun
they show me the ways
when i think there are none

With them do not know
how time flies
When we are together
nothing remains dull
Everything shines , every thing smiles

Visit the whole world
Without spending a penny
Experience every emotion
without facing consequences of any

Isn't it great to
have such bounds
Truly they are with you
with no expectations ,
with no demands


Kevin said...

So true - all that you have written about books. I need to resurrect my dormant reading habit :)

A very lovely post.

Darril said...

"When we are together
nothing remains dull
Everything shines,every thing smiles"
I too love reading books, its really true that we get all the feel that you have beautifully poetized....
Good..Keep writing..

Navin Chettiar said...

nowadays ur poetic sense is improving...its true saying that "the books are ur best frnds "...
nice one!!!

wanderer said...

drop a tear they got their palms spread to catch it

laugh and they will laugh with you.

best friends are called books who never leave you alone...


commited to life said...

so true....

have u read poem 'kittabe' by gulzar...

perfect description of books

p.s was just passing by

commited to life said...
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