Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Dear Dad

You always do like this
never take me anywhere 
with love he held my hand 
took me i wanted to go where 

You always do like this 
have never given me what i want 
he smiles like always
and just buy me what was refused

Always he caressed me 
but i complained about the rudeness
He always corrected me
And i kept saying you dont know me 

He lit my path whenever it was dark
he filled my life 
with whatever it ever lacked 

Listened to all what i said 
took it as a joke 
he who loved me unconditionally
Is my Dear Dad


Darril said...

Good one.. The father is the only person who is always looking at our future and he keeps the path ready, with all his efforts and pains to make us walk smoothly.. The great love without any expectation.. May be it takes time for us to understand him.. Nice poem Smriti.. Keep writing..

wils said...

Yes. Its true. parents are always help us in all the ways. But many times we are not understanding it. Keep writing. Nice Thought..

Parul said...

i like papa :)