Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Woman In your Life

When you are sad
When you are happy
you know where you want to be
your wife , your mom , your sis
that's the woman in your life

Shoulder always there for you
you are strong in front of everyone
in front of whom
you are you
that's the woman in your life

You may call her weak
whose shelter you seek
in your weakest time
that's the woman in your life

Her smile shines your life
her words matters a world
she gives you goals
to grow , to win, to survive
that's the woman in your life


wils said...

Yes. Very True. Always women in my life helps.Ms. Poet is back. Keep blogging. Nice post.

Darril said...

Nice one Smriti. It reminds me the saying 'There is a woman behind every successful man'.. And it is true that her smile keeps us shine, energetic through out our life..

Abhisek Datta said...

Good one Smriti ji.. and awesome++ for publishing stuff again :-)