Saturday, December 31, 2011

Welcome 2012

waiting up for new year
new year with all new things
some new mornings
some new nights
some new encounters
some new sights

old year had been
quite eventfull
changed the flow of life
how changes happened so fast
it seems all just happened yesterday night

Wonderfull year
with all good things happened
I bow my head to 2011
being my best year of my life

2012 will also be great
I am sure of that
As Now I have the company
with whom it does not matter
whether its good of bad :-)

I am looking forward
to welcome the year
with him by my side
enthusiasm to do great things
now have become twice

1 comment:

Darril said...

A late comment,anyway.. I wish you both a long life and a great year ahead.. hope to see lot of poems this year..