Monday, September 21, 2009

Waiting For What

Never let the smile
Rose on my face
Always kept
the shine away

When Will be able
to laugh my life out
Kept waiting for
Those fullfilling days

Every Day break
started with conditions
I will be working
To make life heaven

What is heaven
how it looks
But its not what
I have right now
For this i am sure
No doubts me holds

To reach the unknown
Taking steps forward
Keeping eyes nowhere
aimelesly striding ahead

In wait for
most beautiful sight
I forget to appreciate
In my way whats lying

May be the dreams
Are the reason to live
but can't we just
live what to us life gives

May be the goal
is to touch the heaven
but Is it not lying
Around us
Every corner Every where

These are the questions
I asked from me
and anwered conscious
life is beautiful
Closely if viewed
has been already build
What since years
Iam trying to construct


Kevin said...

Nice post !!
IMHO it talks about what could be and what is.

nidhi said...

I love the pics that you upload...every pic expresses your poems even more deeply.

wils said...

I amazed how u thinking like this...!
Gr8 thought. Keep writing. Also teach me how to think like this...

mohitorchintoo said...

yaar kya mast likha hai
wah wah wah wah..
too good too good..