Thursday, August 20, 2009

That Something

Was that something
I had longed for ages
Was that something
Without which
Could not imagine living

When saw that something
Going away from hands
Tears rolled down
Mind went blanked

Was my destiny
That was my fortune
Then how can it go away
Leaving me senile
Leaving me alone

Could not cry
Could not scream
Where dreams too weren’t mine
Was put in such sleep

Had not the courage
To look towards empty hands
To see what was lying now
In place of my destiny
As a replacement

Hope could ignore it forever
Keeping my eyes shut
Could keep my eyes fixed
On what was already left

If possible could have done that
Could have stopped in way between
But what was walking is life
Can’t leave the hand
With it only will have to stride

So will walk
And won’t turn back
Will keep searching for though
To fulfill self
With what me lacks


Kevin said...


(We must accept finite disappointment, but we must never lose infinite hope. - Martin Luther King, Jr)

I liked the last two verses the most, but overall very nice.


nidhi said...

Amazing post...I think i got to read this exactly when i could relate to this poem.

Smriti-The Rememberance said...

Thanks a lot for appreciation , And atlast people can relate to my creations ,thats quite good for I too want to write something to which one can relate