Thursday, July 30, 2009

From the Rajmachi

In the lap of nature
Nearer to God
Had I been
to beauty unexplored

To the top of world
With the clouds
With me walked
Nature Uncloaked

Sky was never
so clear
Air was never
so fresh
Breathing was never
so easy
Eyes never felt
so relaxed

That gigling with buddies
That laughing on every fall
That getting up again
as had to see what beauty
more for us path holds

Every sight
Every step
was an experience
To be kept
Preserved in minds
near to soul
So If ever feel exhausted
This I could recall


wils said...

Hi Smriti,
This was i felt while we were at Rajmachi.

Simple words in your poem felt me to go to God's lap again & again.



Raju said...


So glad about this blog Smriti.

Gone poetic with Mother Nature!!!

Keep writing...

Raju J.

Tukaram said...

I am glad that you visited Rajmachi it compelled you to compose a beautifull poem.
For more information about Fort Rajmachi, please visit blog
Thanks and all the best.