Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Realization

In my own Awe
In my own Pride
In my own Ego
I proceed to
Teach you a lesson
To show you your place
To show where you truly lie

I came
I saw your eyes
The brightness amazed me
Full of pearls, of sparks
No one could escape from grace
Could not get away
From kindness embrace

Soul refused
But mind spoke
Brought out all hatred
Inside me that I hold

But could not
remove the shine
From grace, from spark
Eyes never got deprived

A humble apology
Last is wat I recollect
From the other side
May be tat was the only way
Of proving me wrong
And yourself right

In no more moment
I could see
My pride melting
I could feel
The thoughts bending

Hatred turned to guilt
Anger turned to realization
Cant Decide Who finally won
I , who made you apologize
Or you , What I am
Who made me realize

1 comment:

Kevin said...

Nice work ! -Keep writing.