Friday, November 6, 2009

I amaze Myself !!

I wont be able
To even touch it
Away its lying
Sitting on a far summit

Whats the point
In stretching hand
In troubling self
To approach unconquerable

I kept waiting
For the Goal to come near
May be that was
Me impatient
That waiting no more
I could bear

Finallly took a step
Stretched self to maximum
Knew though perfectly
What allowed is no back turns

To what I reached
Was Beyond
Beyond all barriers,
Beyond all counts
Beyond all limits
Me, myself I found

This feeling is
Most wonderfull
This feeling of
Amzing onself
That when you go ahead
Of borders, for you yourself
Have set


Kevin said...

You only have to try and give everything your best shot.

This is a really nice post.

Navin Chettiar said...

Mujhe samaj nahi aata ki kya comment karu, par as per smriti's ORDER "SUPERB BLOG".;.....kidding, really a thoughtful post.

Darril said...

Really Superb.... Its when we have strong desires on something, we break all the barriers to get it..
Its well written in poetic way.. Keep writing..

wils said...
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wils said...

Nice pic for the nice post.
Keep writing...